Are You Aware?

• that we haven’t had a valid Congress in this country since 1861?
• that there are no valid Article III [The Judiciary] courts in America
• that all Common Law Courts, with respect to our rights as specified in
the Bill of Rights came to an end in 1933, and this was formally
announced in 1938?
• of the reason why Common Law Courts could not function in
America today?
• of the difference between a Jury Trial and a Trial By Jury?
• of the difference between The Constitution for the United States and
The Constitution of the United States?
• of how today’s courts justify ignoring your rights specifically spelled
out in The Constitution for the united States?
• of the difference between the first, and the second of the 13th
• of the difference between a DEFENDANT and/or The Accused?
• of the trap involved when signing a bank signature card?
• that your name spelled in upper-case letters is not an identifier of you?
• of the difference between an attorney and a Lawyer?
• that very few attorneys are Lawyers?                                                                                             • that law schools in this country stopped teaching Law in the early
• that attorneys are the only unlicensed professionals in America and
• that when an attorney refers to his client, that it is not a flesh and
blood man or woman that he is referring to?
• that an attorney cannot represent a flesh and blood man or woman?
• that the act of hiring an attorney automatically eliminates your
strongest defense in a criminal case?
• that you have a choice of getting involved when someone sues you?
• that those acting in the capacity of the federal government have
formally declared war on the American people and this declaration
was hidden in legal code as a justification for legitimizing this
treasonous act?
• that the IRS is not an agency of the United States government?
• of the reason why the IRS attempts to provoke you to anger with their
notice and demands and what you might do to turn it around on them?
• that the Gun Control Act of 1968 applies only to Residents and
visitors to the District of Columbia?                                                                                                 • that the Gun Control Act of 1968 was nullified by a hidden
amendment for the purpose of preventing any successful challenge of
its constitutionality? (A non-constitutional, or invalid act has no
force or effect, and therefore, there would be no reason for the
Supreme court to consider a challenge to it).
• that the United States Post Office Department was abolished in 1970,
and all personal were transferred into the private United States Postal
Service, “USPS ?”
• that we have no right to home delivery of mail in the united States?
• of the reason why the United States Postal Service discourages
“General Delivery” of mail, and prefers that we choose home delivery
• that each State, such as the state of Utah (the physical area), has
corporate counterparts such as, This state of Utah (the District of
• that if a federal judge asked if you lived in “This State,” that he was
setting a trap for you to secure a pretense of jurisdiction?
• that there are at least four different privately owned corporate entities
called United States, identified by subtle variations in their use of
upper and lower case letters?
• that the Social Security system is and always has been voluntary?                                         • that you probably do not need a Driver License, and never did?
• that since 1933, what is called the “United States Government” is a
privately owned corporation?
• of the reason why you cannot pay a debt with a Federal Reserve Note?
• that you discharged the very debt you agreed to pay the moment you
signed a loan agreement?
• of the difference between a Republic and a Democracy?
• of the implications when using the two-letter state names and Zip
Codes encouraged today?
• of the hidden message directly below the signature line of personal
checks, and why it is so significant? (Check it under a 60X
• that all crime has been defined as Commerce, for an excuse to
“regulate” it and profit from it? Everything from prostitution to
murder is listed as a commercial activity in 27 CFR (Code of Federal
Regulations) 72.11.